Kimber Rifles

So you want to learn about Kimber rifles? Kimber has made a name for themselves by making very high quality 1911 Colt styled pistols and bolt action rifles. This article will discuss Kimber rifles. Kimber rifles are broken into various families of rifles which are differentiated by caliber type or specific use. Within each group there are various rifles with different options, such as stock materials, stock grades, stainless or carbon steel construction and specific caliber choices. This article will discuss the family groups as there are too many specific rifles to discuss well in one article.

Kimber rifles include:

  1. Model 84M – These rifles are short action rifles designed specifically to be chambered in the .308 family of short action calibers. They are lightweight and packed with features like Mauser claw extractor, match grade barrel, trigger and chamber, and pillar bedding. These rifles were specifically created to use the short throw calibers, not just shorten their long throw caliber rifles. This created the optimum .308 type rifle for the hunter who chooses those calibers.
  2.  Model 84L – These rifles are Kimber's long action caliber family of rifles. These rifles are designed specifically to use calibers like the 30/06 and .270 Win. They contain custom quality features such as a full length Mauser claw extractor, match grade barrel, trigger and chamber. Their magazines are for five rounds, not the three or four found in most comparable rifles. These rifles are designed for optimum performance out of the popular longer hunting calibers.
  3.  Model 8400 WSM – This family of Kimber rifles is designed specifically for the WSM, or Winchester Short Magnum, family of calibers. These rifles are pure Kimber with their match grade barrels, action, and trigger. Barrels and actions are pillar bedded on twin aluminum pillars for optimum strength and accuracy in these hotter calibers for short action type rifles. There is no finer rifle to choose if you choose to shoot the WSM family of cartridges.
  4. Model 8400 Magnum – These are the rifles that Kimber designed specifically for the more popular Magnum caliber hunting rifles like 7MM and 300 Win Magnums. These rifles are built to Kimber standards using match grade barrels, triggers and chambers. Made entirely in America like all Kimber fine rifles, these are top of the line for the hunter who uses the Magnum caliber.
  5.  Specialty – These are the big boys, the Kimber family of rifles designed specially for those hunters who hunt big, possibly dangerous game. They are chambered for calibers like 7MM Mag., 375 H&H Mag., .416 Rem., and .458 Lott. These rifles use Kimber's traditional quality manufacturing and custom quality parts like match grade barrels, triggers and chambers. Rifles like this are for big game, possibly dangerous big game like African big game where quality can mean the difference between success and more dire consequences.
  6. Tactical – This is the line of Kimber rifles designed specifically for military and police type applications. They are designed to absolutely wring out the utmost accuracy for those times when one shot can mean the difference between life and death. Each of the specific rifles in this family is designed for a specific tasks, to be the best rifle available for those tasks. The advanced models are all hand built one at a time using the very best materials by consummate professionals to create the very best rifle possible. These rifles are those that professional shooters can depend upon to perform as good as they do.

Those are the Kimber rifle families. Kimber has designed each family of rifles to either use a type of caliber, or perform a task as well as any rifle can. The discriminating hunter or professional cannot go wrong when they choose a Kimber rifle. Hopefully, there is something in their catalog which appeals to you.

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