Kings Cup Drinking Game Rules

If you want to learn drinking games like Kings Cup, check out these grownup drinking games’ policies. This drinking card game is best played with numerous people because it’s a party drinking game. Get a massive group of buddies together for a night and have a great time playing kings cup and other card drinking games and party games with cards.

To play the kings cup drinking game, you will need:

  • A deck of playing cards
  • Alcohol
  • An empty cup
  1. Set the drinking game for adults up. In this first rule of the kings cup drinking game, place the empty cup directly in the middle of the table. Then, place the cards in a circle around the cup. They need to all be face down.
  2. Determine which model of kings cup you want to play. There are two versions of the game. One version is based on the color of the playing cards. The alternative version offers special meanings to each of the cards.
  3. Begin playing the kings cup drinking game. The first man or woman will draw a card and do what the card says. Each card has a different rule. When it is time for the subsequent person to take their turn, the game will move clockwise.
  4. Version one of kings cup has unique color rules. Red cards are called “red to the head.” If a red card is drawn, the participant has to take the amount of sips which can be shown on the card. Black playing cards are referred to as “black you give back.” If a black card is drawn, the player gives out the quantity of sips to another player of their deciding.
  5. Version two of the kings cup game has unique meanings for each card. These meanings are:
  • A two is for you. This indicates that everyone but the participant that drew the card has to drink.
  • Three is for me. The player that drew the card ought to drink.
  • Four is for the floor. If this card is drawn, everyone needs to touch the floor. The final individual to do so must drink.
  • Five is for guys. When this card is drawn during the kings cup drinking game, all of the guys should drink.
  • Six is for chicks. All of the girls have to drink.
  • Seven is for heaven. Everyone has to point to the sky. The last person to do so should drink.
  • Eight is for mates. When this card is drawn, the participant needs to select another person. Whenever the participant drinks, the person they picked has to drink, too.
  • Nine is for rhyme. The player must pick a word. Then, starting clockwise, everyone must come up with a word that rhymes with the preceding one. The player who screws up the rhyme needs to drink.
  • Ten is for categories. The player that draws this must come up with a category. They must come up with an example of something from that category. It goes around clockwise for every participant to state an example without repeating one that has already been said. The first person that cannot give you one needs to drink.
  • Jack. Jack is for waterfall. All through this, all players drink at the same time. No person can forestall until the following man or woman next to them does.
  • Queen. Queen is for questions. The player that draws this asks a question. The following man or woman answers with another question. It continues on like this until a person answers a question properly. That participant needs to drink.
  • King. King is for the king’s cup. When this card is chosen, the participant pours alcohol into the king cup that is in the center of the table. When the very last king card is drawn, that participant ought to chug what’s in the cup in the center of the table.
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