Kissing Games For Girls

There are dozens of popular online games that are themed as kissing games for girls. Most of the games have a plot in which a couple has their first kiss despite some obstacles. The games are creative ways to spend your time and just may teach you some new methods for getting that first kiss.

  1. Secret Kisses In this game a couple tries kiss on the down-low. Although other people are around, the couple tries to sneak a first kiss. It's the player's mission in this kissing game to click when other people in the game are not looking.
  2. First Kiss Getting ready for the perfect date is part of the process that girls go through when preparing for a first kiss. In this game, First Kiss, the girl gets dressed in hopes of kissing a handsome dude. The object of the game is to coordinate the girl's outfit so she attracts a handsome guy. The game is fun for girls because they like to play dress upand it's interesting to see which outfit attracts the cool looking guy.
  3. Kissing During Work This kissing game explores the taboo of kissing at work. The object of the game is to kiss a co-worker without your nosey boss seeing the infraction. Just be patient and whenever the boss goes to answer the phone, click. Click as many times as you can when the boss turns his head. This game is more fast-paced than some of the others. It takes skill and strategy, and it stirs the imagination.
  4. Princess Kiss In this game, the girl kisses the prince, in this case a frog, before her husband, the king, can see her. You have to be quick to score points because the husband is next to the princess and constantly looks her way. Princess Kiss is in English, which is another plus because most of the other kissing games for girls are in Chinese or Japanese. 



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