Kit Cars To Build

What are some kit cars to build? Kit cars are basically cars made from kits. They are generally some type of molded body, often fiberglass put on another cars frame, or on a frame built from the kit. These are like basically big working versions of the youngsters model car kits, you know, big boy toys… There are many types of kit cars to build, from classic vintage cars, to hot rods to expensive foreign sports cars, with almost everything in between.  Prices can range from the very reasonable to the very expensive, depending upon ones pocket book and tastes. This article will try to give you an idea of what is out there.

Kit cars to build include:

  1. Air Dynamics AD355. This is a kit for the Pontiac Fiero body. For around $9000 you can get a kit to build your Pontiac Fiero into a sleek original sports car. For a small amount of money, and some elbow work you get something you do not see on every street corner, and the pride which comes with making your own vehicle. They have other models available for other type chassis also.
  2. American Gasser. This is the hotrod of your youth, or dreams. What the Gasser was/is, the original hotrod with a special category at drag racing events, very cool. These things are big bore, full bore fun. There are various versions available with various levels of completion and options, depending upon your wallet, skill, and time available to work on your dream.
  3. American Street Rod '32 Ford Coupe. This one brings thoughts of Bonnie and Clyde and their love of the old fast Ford coupes, and the days of depression era America. They have full fiberglass and steel bodies, and full working chassis to build your own personal kit car classic dream. For a small price and with some elbow grease you have an American classic you can drive and not worry about harming a priceless original with your own personal touches.
  4.  250 GT SportSpyder. So you say you want a fancy, two seater, vintage Italian convertible, but you don't want to spend your yearly salary, for the next few years, to get it? Well you are in luck. With kits starting out at around $13,000 and up depending upon options, level of completion, and amount of work you are willing to do,  you can have your dream car. This one will turn all the heads at the beach, and amaze your audience when you tell them you built it…
  5.  1966 Gotham Roadster. Ok, yes this one is about the Batmobile, and much more. Did you want a Batmobile, General Lee, Monkey Mobile, ATeam Van, Dark Beauty or other famous vehicle when you were growing up? What man has not dreamt of being Steve McQueen in Bullitt and chasing through the streets of San Francisco. Well all of the above can come true with a kit car to build from this company. A kit, a bit of work, and you will be the talk of your town as you cruise the streets. They have kit levels ranging from starter kits for your own car, to turn key kits which are completely finished just for you.

There are some various kit cars to build, or have built. As can be seen kits range from vintage cars to fantasy cars with practically everything in between. Prices range from the very reasonable, to the expensive, depending upon what you want, and how much work you are able, and willing, to put into the end product. One thing about it, kit cars are a great way to end up with an unusual, and unique ride. One just might be in your future.

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