Knuckle Tattoos

Get some cool ideas for knuckle tattoos in this article.  Some guys and people in general have so many areas of their body covered in tattoos, they have to come up with a more unique place on their body to decorate with artwork. Knuckles are just another other place to cover. Knuckle tattoos were once associated with gang members. But now they are much more mainstream and lots of people who are fans of tattoos get them.

  1. Quotes, sayings, and special words. Some people remember short, meaningful quotes from books or poems and get that tattooed on their knuckles with the words. Even short outspoken statements are tattoos people get on their knuckles. Knuckle tattoos are considered words, pictures or symbols tattooed on each knuckle, or just below the knuckles since knuckles themselves are a really painful place to get a tattoo.
  2. Picture a coined saying. Since you are using your knuckles as tattoo canvas, why not get a sand which tattooed on your knuckle or just below. It is basically like coining the phrase "knuckle sandwich."
  3. Design that looks like a ring. Have a design tattooed over the top half of your knuckle or just below. It looks a bit like a ring, but is not. It looks pretty cool giving the illusion of a real ring being on your knuckle. There are celebrities who have done this.
  4. Serious card player. Show your enjoyment of card games by getting a clove, diamond, heart, and spade tattooed on each knuckle. It's relatively unique and how many people have symbols or designs like that on their knuckle? Hey it looks great having the symbols and designs of the card deck on your knuckles even if you are not really into card games.
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