Kobe Bryant Tattoos

For fans of Kobe Bryant, it's fun to learn about Kobe Bryant tattoos. If you are in to basketball, you know exactly who Kobe Bryant is. He is well known and very talented basketball player. He has a number of tattoos on his body, but none of them have to do with his basketball career.

  1. Tattooed apology. Kobe Bryant has a tattoo of his wife's name and a crown on his arm. The tattoo has a set of angel wings and scripture from the book of  Psalms in the bible under it on his right arm to represent his faith in God. A lot of people believe it's an apology tattoo to his wife Vanessa from Kobe for his brief affair with a  nineteen-year-old woman that was very public. Ironically, his wife and the mistress are both around the same age.
  2. Symbol of daughter. Kobe Bryant also has a tattoo to represent his daughter. On his left arm he has a tattoo of his daughter's name.
  3. Future tattoos. Kobe Bryant seems to be into permanent markings that symbolized what he is trying to be better about, or feels strongly about. Maybe he will get another tattoo to represent a milestone or show his sincerity with other apologies. In some ways, celebrities have it more difficult with their personal lives's playing out publicly. They have a lot of money to buy a present or tattoo to buy forgiveness, but they do not get the privacy regular people usually get. Hopefully, Kobe stays faithful from now on.
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