Kobe Bryant Wife

Search for "Kobe Bryant Wife" on the web and you'll be led to countless websites discussing Vanessa Bryant. Although she remains a private person and doesn't give interviews, she is quite a controversial figure because of her relationship with Kobe and perceived personality.

Background. Before she became Mrs. Kobe Bryant, she was Vanessa Lane. The two met, when he was 21 and she 17, on the set of his video shoot for his upcoming rap album (which in the end didn't amount to much). It was love at first sight and soon Kobe was seen picking Vanessa up from school in his black Mercedes. Six months later the engagement was sealed with a seven and a half carat engagement ring. They got married on April 18, 2011 in Dana Point, California. Kobe's parents were not present for the wedding. Neither were any of his LA Lakers teammates, Kobe's parents were apparently not comfortable with the fact that Vanessa is not African American, she is of Hispanic descent, and probably disagreed with his decision to make Vanessa his wife without a prenup. 

Controversy. It hasn't been all peachy for Kobe Bryant's wife. In 2003, the sheriff's office in Eagle, Colorado arrested the basketball star for the alleged rape of a 19-year-old hotel employee. Vanessa looked on while Kobe maintained that he was innocent of rape and apologized for committing adultery. Days later, Kobe bought Vanessa an eight-carat purple diamond ring, estimated to be worth $4 million. The criminal case was eventually dropped because the accuser refused to testify.

Press. Vanessa Bryant can be frequently seen at her husband's games and conferences. While she doesn't speak much to the public, Vanessa is largely vilified by the public as a controlling gold digger. Her negative image probably has a lot to do with her relationship with the press. In May of 2008, freelancer Laura Lane wrote a post, "Reporting from Lakers vs. Jazz," for ESPN that pointed out the ridiculousness of Vanessa's purple tutu that she wore for Kobe's MVP Award ceremony. Laura then had the misfortune of running into Vanessa in the Lakers locker room after a game. In an entry posted on her personal blog (long since removed), Laura writes that Vanessa cussed her out, dropping the F-word multiple times, while her two daughters looked on. Other reporters have reported on Vanessa's angry and expletive-filled rants. Whatever the truth is, it is clear that Kobe forms a tight and private circle with his wife and two daughters.

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