Kobe Bryant’s 10 Best Games

To watch Kobe Bryant's 10 best games in succession, you wouldn't dare compare Kobe Bryant to anyone other than the top basketball greats of all time. During his career, Bryant has very nonchalantly compiled hall of fame-worthy moments. Ten of Kobe's best games ever are posted here.

  1. Jordan versus Bryant: 1998. In true Jordan fashion, the best basketball player ever passes on to Kobe what might prove to be some of the most important in game coaching that Kobe Bryant will ever receive, making this list possible. Jordan, who had racked up 36 points in this particular regular season game, is seen coaching Kobe Bryant, who had piled up 32 points; this was the birth of a new champion.
  2. Kobe Bryant scores 65 points: 2007. The Lower Merion prodigy lights up the score board in true superstar fashion. This is truly one of the best games any one player has performed in, ever. To watch Kobe go off like this is one of the marvels of today's game of basketball.
  3. Clutch  buzzer beater versus the Suns: 2006. This Kobe Bryant buzzer beater lead the seventh-seeded Los Angeles Lakers to a three-one series lead on the second-seeded powerhouse, the Phoenix Suns.
  4. Western Conference Finals versus the San Antonio Spurs: 2001. The Lakers were on a tear this year. Their easy disposal of two other teams made them seem invincible. The series with San Antonio was no different. Kobe Bryant made quick work of the Spurs with 45 points and ten rebounds en route to an NBA finals trip against Allen Iverson and the Philadelphia 76ers.
  5. Kobe scores a record 61 in MSG: 2010. Kobe's 61 in Madison Square Garden is your typical Kobe madness with an extra footnote: this is a feat that not even the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan, was able to accomplish.
  6. Kobe's game six conference finals magic: 2010. With 37 points on the night, Kobe Bryant demonstrates that he is the most well-rounded, dominant player in the game. His play led the Lakers past the Phoenix Suns in game six of this 2010 Western Conference Final.
  7. Kobe has a 21-point fourth quarter comeback versus the Dallas Mavericks: 2006. The Dallas Mavericks looked like they were on their way to a comfortable win until Kobe's 21-point fourth quarter explosion. He led the Lakers to a 27-point comeback to win, 105 to 103, in what some call the greatest comeback in NBA history.
  8. Buzzer beaters versus Portland: 2007. This game was absolutely phenomenal, featuring two amazing baskets. The first shot comes from 28 feet out, with the time ticking off the clock and a defender draped all over Bryant; he drills it, nonetheless. The second buzzer beater comes in double overtime with one second left. Bryant gets the call and throws up a high arching shot over the fingertips of a soaring defender to land the dagger, defeating the Trailblazers 105 to 104.
  9. Kobe scores 62 versus the Mavs in three quarters: 2006. The marvel is back. Long three-pointers, fade-aways, fancy dishes and tricky lay-ups. That's what makes a Kobe takeover so poetic to watch. It's like visiting an art museum or spending the day at the opera. Yes, I said, "spending the day at the opera." The thing is, when Kobe's game is on like this, it's more then just basketball; it's something like fine art. And just when you think he is finished in this 2006 rampage…
  10. Kobe scores 81 versus Toronto: 2006. Do you remember waking up to this on the news? Did it feel like a dream? Ocho uno, my friend. Kobe took this game into his own hands, nearly outscoring the whole Toronto team himself. It's scary to think a man could beat a whole team by himself, as long as he has others on the floor, just to be there. Basically it was Kobe Bryant, front and center, with everyone else there to watch. This is something that, before Kobe and LeBron can be compared, has to be taken into consideration. Kobe Bryant is certainly one of the top three best ever to play the game of basketball.
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