Kool Aid Flavors

Edward Perkins created Kool Aid in Hastings, Nebraska and was able to start distributing the different Kool Aid flavors nationwide in 1929. The original flavors for Kool Aid are cherry, grape, lemon-lime, orange, raspberry and strawberry all of which are still popular today. Root beer was also one of the original seven flavors but it is no longer on the market. This popular soft drink mix may have started out with just seven different flavors, but decades later, it has hundreds of different flavors that have been added to the menu.

  1. Kool Aid comes in either .2 ounce packs or twenty-nine ounce containers at a reasonable price which makes it convenient for people who are on a budget but want their children to have a fun, flavorful drink. Also, with all of the different flavors that Kool Aid comes in, it is still considered a good supply of Vitamin C. As time has gone by this soft drink mix has created names that kids are attracted to which makes this drink more fun and flavorful. 
  2. Kool Aid flavors now range anywhere from the original cherry flavor to flavors like Sharkleberry Fin and Purplesaurus Rex that the children enjoy drinking sometimes just because of the name of the soft drink mix.These newer flavors are just as tasty as the original but the names had to change as the flavors began to broaden. The good thing about the newer names for Kool Aid is that no matter what the name is on the packet you can be sure that it will have a tasty splash of something different yet familiar.



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