Korean Street Food

Korean street food is comprised of food that can be eaten quickly and on the go. Korean street food has a rainbow of flavors to choose from: Seafood, meat, insects and grains are staples of the street food diet. Most of this street food is healthy, as it is prepared the day it is served. Additionally, street food dishes have little to no additives or preservatives.

One of the most common street food dishes available are dumplings or mandu. These dumplings are small pastry-like foods generally filled with either meat or pastes. Other Korean filled pastries include hotteok and bungeoppang. Hotteok is like a pancake, usually eaten in the winter. These pastries can be filled with a number of things from peanuts to brown sugar and honey.

Seafood is another of the most common street foods in Korea. Seafood is incorporated into many dishes in place of meats or vegetables. Fish is made into fried cakes, stir fries, soups and dried into a kind of jerky. Squid is a popular choice to be dried as it lessens the chewy and stretchy texture.

Some names might be deceiving, such as "sundae." No, not the ice cream treat you might think. Sundae is a blood sausage, which is made by boiling pig or cow intestine. It can also be made with seafood, such as squid, but the most common sundae is made with pig.

Korean street food is a healthy menagerie of meat and sweets. If you find yourself wandering the streets of Seoul, be sure to try a little of everything. Differences might be subtle, but the flavors will always be strong and interesting.

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