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What are the five best Korn albums of all time? Korn is an American nu metal — a subgenre of heavy metal — band. This fusion genre joins heavy metal with other genres, like grunge and hip hop. Korn formed in 1993, as an extension of the American funk band L.A.P.D. The Grammy Award-winning band has since released nine Korn albums. Every fan has their own opinion, of course, but five of the band’s albums really stand out. They are highlighted here in chronological order.

  1. “Korn.” “Korn" is the band’s self-titled debut. Released in 1994, it showcases the band’s talent and preserves their creative liberties. The album is controversial for its cover artwork and explicit lyrics that bring drugs and child abuse into the forefront. “Blind,” “Shoots And Ladders,” and “Clown” are three of the album’s most memorable songs.
  2. “Life Is Peachy.” Following the success of their debut album, Korn released “Life Is Peachy” in 1996. They took the album name from the bassist’s Pee Chee file folder. “Life Is Peachy” features scat singing, some a capella, and a hidden track after the song “Kill You.” Social encounters and revenge are the album themes.
  3. “Follow The Leader.” The third Korn album, "Follow The Leader," is the band’s most successful album to date. Released in 1998, it brought nu metal to the mainstream with songs like “Got The Life” and “Freak On A Leash.” The album features guest vocalists like Ice Cube, Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst, and even actor Cheech Marin.
  4. “Issues.” “Issues” is the band’s fourth studio album, released in 1999. Heavily promoted on the band's Sick and Twisted Tour, this successful album has an alternative metal sound that is different from their previous work. The band offered “Fall Away From Me” as a free MP3 download on their website, and an MTV contest gave the album four different covers.
  5. “See You on the Other Side.” “See You on the Other Side” is the seventh Korn album, released in 2005. “Twisted Transistor,” the lead single, has a pop-tinged sound that heralds a change in the direction for the band. This album is the first one without Korn’s long-time guitarist, Brian “Head” Welch.
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