KOTOR 2 Cheats: How To Get To HK Factory

Regardless on how you may personally feel about the sequel to one of the greatest video games ever, Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords had a lot of potential that, because of time constraints on the production of the game, sadly never got to see the light of day. One of these side quests was aimed at the deadly, but humorous, homicidal droid known as the HK-47. His quest was to find an underground factory that were making the 'inferior' newer models of him, those that were being sent to kill the second crew of the Ebon Hawk. KOTOR 2 cheats of how to get to HK factory is one of the most sought after and downloaded mods that fans of the game will get.

There are a few ways to get to the HK factory, despite it being one of the things that was cut from the final game; the most common way is to download a modification for the game that allows for this quest to be available within the game. The TSL Restoration Project was a project started by Team Gizka in order to bring back the cut content that was apart of the game; unfortunately, the project has seemingly stalled, with no new plans on the horizon. However, there are still numerous downloads for the cut content that is available for download.

Below are steps in downloading the mod, as well as how to trigger the scene in which HK-47 gets to the factory. There are SPOILERS, so if you have not finished the game or played the game, viewing discretion is advised.

You Will Need To:

  • Download the cut content of the HK Droid Factory. This can be found at the KOTOR 2 section of "File Front".
  • Follow the installation instructions listed on the website.

To Get to the HK Factory:

  1. Begin game play on KOTOR 2. You can either continue from the last save point or start a completely new game
  2. You will need to encounter three groups of HK droids with HK-47 in your party. You must find and activate HK-47 within the Hawk and then show him the sonic sensor that you found on Peragus before fighting three groups of HK droids. The HK Droid factory mod will include several encounters with the HK-50s, so you should be able to encounter at least 2 groups on each planet
  3. If the above has been completed, continue with the normal game play.
  4. When called back to Telos in order to confront the forces of the Trimuvate, you will get a cut scene of HK torturing an HK-50 droid on the whereabouts of the factory. This is automatic and will be triggered after you have met with the remaining members of the Jedi Council on Dantooine if LS (if DS, no council members will be here).
  5. Once you have arrived on Telos and taken care of Atris, you will get another cut scene in which HK arrives at the factory. The factory is underneath the military base that is on Telos, featured form earlier in the game play.  From here, you now control HK as he goes to get the scope on what was going on.

The downloadable content from the cut scenes actually makes the game a lot more enjoyable, by answering questions that liter the current game, as well as giving some fun for those fans of HK-47. This KOTOR 2 cheat contains many funny lines from HK and fans of the psychotic will enjoy this side mission for him.

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