In KOTOR 2 :How Do You Get The Meditation Chamber Door To Open?

In KOTOR 2: how do you get the meditation chamber door to open? KOTOR 2, or "Knights of the Old Republic 2" to use its full name, is the second game in the KOTOR line, both being set in the distant past of the Star Wars universe. KOTOR 2 was developed by Obsidian Entertainment, the same company who developed Neverwinter Nights 2 and Alpha Protocol, after taking over the franchise from Bioware and has been released for the original Xbox and the PC. The game enjoyed a good reception, but was also soundly criticized by the gaming community for a lackluster ending and the fact that Obsidian was forced to cut upwards of ten hours of gameplay-including a lot of end-game content and an entire in-game world-in order to make a Christmas 2004 release date. 

  1. During one of the many in-game missions in KOTOR 2, you will find yourself visiting a hidden base/Jedi Temple under the ice caps of Telos. During this mission, you will meet up with an old acquaintance of your character's by the name of Atris. In addition to being something of a stuck-up ice queen, Atris is also one of the last remaining Jedi masters in the galaxy, and has taken it upon herself to collect and store as much of the old Jedi teachings and artifacts as she can lay her hands on. She has also swiped your old lightsaber and now uses it as her own. Unfortunately, you'll never get that lightsaber back. Fortunately, you can make another one during the course of KOTOR 2's plotline. 
  2. The Meditation Chamber is Atris's personal quarters, and it is where she emerges from when you first meet her. It is also where she stores all the old relics and artifacts she has collected, so naturally, you probably want to get in there and steal as much of the stuff as possible before she notices them missing. Unfortunately, the Meditation Chamber is sealed off by what is often termed a "plot door."
  3. The only way to get the obstinate hunks of metal to swing back open is to advance KOTOR 2's plot to the point where you return to Telos to confront Atris directly.
  4. This will happen towards the end of the game, after you have found all the missing Jedi masters and immediately before you head off for the final showdown on the planet Mandelore.
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