KOTOR 2: How To Get Lightsaber

In KOTOR 2, learning how to get a lightsaber involves finding all the pieces you need and a way to assemble them. Your old war buddy, Bao-Dur, can help you with the building part, but you’ve got some work ahead of you to gather the pieces for it. You’ll need a total of four parts before you can toss the long sword aside for a more kickass weapon and start feeling like a real Force user. 

  1. Play nice with the Ithorians. Even if you plan on making your KOTOR 2 character a dark sider, being helpful to the Ithorians will pay off. Visit the Ithorian area in Residential Module 082 on Citadel Station. Talk to Chodo and accept his quest involving the Exchange. Go see Luxa in the Cantina and persuade her to let you meet with the Exchange leader Lopak Slusk. Head to the Exchange offices, talk to the receptionist and make your way back to Slusk’s room. You can either side with the treacherous Luxa and kill Slusk or kill Luxa and convince Slusk to agree to Chodo’s request. Head back to the Ithorian area, speak to Chodo and get your first lightsaber part as a reward from him. 
  2. Catch up with an old acquaintance. When you’re done with Telos, head back to your ship. Before setting off for your next KOTOR 2 planet, enter the Ebon Hawk’s Garage and talk to Bao-Dur. He’ll bring up the war again and offer to build you a new lightsaber if you give him all the pieces. At this point, you only have one so you’ll need to find a few more before you’re ready. Unlike KOTOR, KOTOR 2 makes it a little more challenging to get your first lightsaber.
  3. Defeat a Sith Apprentice. After you leave Telos, you can go to whichever planet you want. When you leave the Ebon Hawk, turn around and walk right back onto it. If you had enough light or dark side points to trigger the Darth Nihilus and Visas Marr cinema earlier in KOTOR 2, you can guess who’s waiting to attack you in your starboard dormitory. Load up on Energy Shields for your fight if you’re not that strong. These will give you some protection from Visas’ strikes. When her vitality drops to a certain point, she’ll surrender and you’ll get your second lightsaber piece.  
  4. Visit the “Glorious Jewel.” Head to the Huttese paradise, also known as Nar Shaddaa. Stop by Geeda’s or Oondar’s stall in the main area to buy the color crystal you’ll need for your lightsaber. Make your way over to the Docks area, enter the flophouse and talk to Lootra. He’ll ask for help in reuniting with his wife, Aaida, who’s stuck in the Refugee Sector. KOTOR 2's  dark side way of handling this is to just kill Lootra and loot his remains for the final lightsaber part. If you’re light side you’ve still got some killing to do, but it involves getting rid of the Exchange members guarding the northern door to the Refugee Sector. When they’re gone, go in and tell Aaida that she’s free to go to the Docks to find Lootra. Go back to Lootra’s room and he’ll give you the last lightsaber part.
  5. Put Bao-Dur to work. If he’s with you, just talk to him and he’ll make your lightsaber. If not, then head back to the Ebon Hawk to see him. KOTOR 2 gives you the option of having a double-bladed lightsaber right off the bat or you can stick with the traditional single blade. Head to the workbench to give it some upgrades when you’re done talking to Bao-Dur. 
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