KOTOR 2: How To Get Sith Master Robe

In "KOTOR 2", many have wondered how to get a Sith Master robe for your character. It seems impossible but technically the robe in question is obtainable. While the legitimacy of this article is the stuff Star Wars historians hotly debate at 2am while eating chili cheese fries instead of dating actual females, you can indeed get a Sith Master robe…well at least if you are playing "KOTOR 2" on an Apple Macintosh computer. In "KOTOR 2", there is a Sith Lord named Revan. His history is disputed from his days as a Jedi to a Sith Lord and back to a Jedi so yes, there is much that is unknown about Darth Revan/Jedi Master Revan. But when Revan was turned to the dark side, (or Bogan as the Star Wars nerds correctly call it) he did indeed have an apprentice. Having an apprentice is all you need to be eligible for the title Sith Master. Revan's apprentice was named Malak. This treacherous, ungrateful pupil double crossed his Master but that is not important here. Because of Malak, you can indeed get a Sith Master robe for your character.

  1. Set up the cheat. To get the Sith Master robe in "KOTOR 2", you will need to a little file editing. Nothing major but to make this even possible you must first find your game directory. Inside is a file called "swkotor.ini". Find the section "[Game Options]" and put this in: "EnableCheats=1"
  2. Sith Master code. When you are playing "KOTOR 2", press: ' (the single quotation mark key) to bring down the cheat console. To get the Sith Master robe in "KOTOR 2", all you need to do is to type into the console "giveitem g_a_mstrrobe06"
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