In KOTOR: How Do You Get Yuthura On Your Team?

One of the biggest questions players had in KOTOR was, "How do you get Yuthura on your team?" Yuthura is a Twi'lek Sith lord that the player runs into while doing missions on Korriban. Being a rather interesting character as well as a Sith lord, many players wondered if it was possible to recruit her to your party. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get Yuthura on your team in the base game. It is, however, possible on the PC with a mod. Some diehard fans of Yuthura with modding talent decided to put her back in the game, and even included extra story parts for her. The Yuthura KOTOR mod is perfect for those that would enjoy a new evil character in their roster.

  1. Download the mod. The Yuthura mod is quite easy to find. Just search for "Yuthura KOTOR mod" and click any of the links. After downloading the mod, install it by dragging the downloaded files into your KOTOR directory. The files should automatically place themselves into their corresponding folders.
  2. Recruiting Yuthura. Yuthura, being a community modded character, takes the slot of the quite useless T3M4 droid. You can find Yathura on Korriban. When you meet her at the Sith Academy, just go through all of her text options until she has nothing new to say. Continue on with the story until you meet back up with her and Uthar together. Choose to side with her and fight Uthar. After Uthar is defeated, Yuthura will turn on your party. Fight her until she gives up. Choose the "Mercy" option and continue on with the dialogue best suited to recruit her. From here on, she will replace that terrible garbage droid in your party select screen.
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