Krav Maga Gun Disarming Move

One of the most popular martial arts moves is the krav maga gun disarming move. Considering that it involves you disarming your opponent from the front while they have a gun pointed at you, it makes sense that anyone who is concerned about their safety needs to learn the krav maga gun disarming move. Learning the krav maga gun disarming move will give you peace of mind in an unfortunate situation and ensure that you never need to worry about getting attacked ever again.

  1. When confronted with a gun, put your hands up and look away from your attacker. This will open up your body and prepare your hands for the next step. Looking away will give your attacker a false sense of security and, really, is one of the selling points of the krav maga gun disarming technique.
  2. Quickly step to the side, moving out of the line of fire. In this same movement, use one of your hands and push the gun to the side, further distancing the barrel from your body. We cannot stress that this has to be done quickly, as to not give the attacker enough time to re-aim.
  3. While pushing the gun away from your body, get control of the gun by pulling the attacker's arm under your arm. This move will both take the attacker by surprise and give you control of the weapon, tipping the scales in your favor. With this part of the krav maga gun disarming move, you're clearly taking control of the situation and ensuring that nobody has to get hurt.
  4. Use leverage to break the wrist control the attack has on the gun and disarm them. You're obviously going to need a bit of arm strength for this part of the krav maga gun disarming move. However, when done correctly, your opponent will be left without a weapon while you have the implement in your hands. This is the time you can command them to get away from you as soon as possible while emptying the gun of its bullets.

The krav maga gun disarming move is best practiced with a partner who is stronger than you with a fake weapon, obviously. You don't want to be trying out the krav maga gun disarming move for the first time while being mugged, so be sure to get plenty of training in as soon as possible.

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