Krav Maga Techniques

If you're serious about your self-defense, you need to learn these Krav Maga techniques. Developed by the Israeli special forces, these Krav Maga techniques are specially made in order to turn the human body into the ultimate weapon. With the following Krav Maga techniques, you will no longer have to worry what's going to happen to you should you find yourself in a struggle.

  1. Front Gun Reversal. This is one of the best Krav Maga techniques because it's so useful if you're getting a gun pulled on you. You look away from your enemy, then push the gen away from your body, moving your arm up the opponent's as to gain control of the main firing arm. From here, you use the leverage of your body to break the gun away from the opponent's hands and reverse the scenario. This is an essential Krav Maga technique for beginners.
  2. Lunging Stab Defense. Another one of the great Krav Maga techniques, this one is especially useful if you're getting mugged. The attack comes with you using a knife, and you step to the side and be sure to grab the wrist holding the knife, thus getting control over the weapon. From there, pull the attacker's arm into your chest and bring your full weight down to the ground, gaining control over their body and making them drop the knife.
  3. Knife Reversal. This is definitely one of the more brutal Krav Maga techniques. An attacker is coming at you with a knife held over their head, and you step to the side and gain wrist control by grabbing onto the attacking hand. From here, you use their momentum to bring the knife down and back up into their own body, stabbing them in the torso with their own weapon!

These are just some of the best Krav Maga techniques aimed at personal defense. With these Krav Maga techniques, you're sure to be able to take care of yourself should you find yourself in an awful situation that you cannot talk your way out of.

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