Kriss Kross: Where Are They Now?

Some people wonder, Kriss Kross, where are they now? Atlanta’s rap duo Kriss Kross became an instant sensation in 1992 with their first smash single, "Jump!" But after three more albums, they haven't been heard since. After creating an unusual fashion statement by wearing their jeans backwards, many have questions about them. Do these two grown men still wear their jeans backwards? Do Kriss Kross still communicate with the man who discovered them, Jermaine Dupri? Have they been living on a remote island? Rest assured, they are not living on an island, but one of them is still wearing his parents backwards. Read on to learn what each former star is now doing.

Chris Kelly. One half of Kriss Kross, rumors recently surfaced that Chris Kelly, now 32, was dead. However, he is alive and doing okay. The sad part is he lost most of his hair to alopecia. Chris Kelly also has his own independent record label with a few aspiring artists. To sum it up, Kelly is living a low-key life and staying away from the mainstream music industry. But has not stayed in contact with his former mentor, Jermaine Dupri.

Chris Smith. Just like his former Kriss Kross partner, Chris Smith, now 31, is doing underground music with a blend of hip-hop and hip-hop rock. The former Kriss Kross rapper is supportive of women in the music industry, largely, for women who rap. He even made a song titled "Lady" in dedication of female rappers in a dominated male genre. 

Now that former Kriss Kross’ Mac Daddy and Daddy Mac are doing well in their own careers, it is not clear whether they still talk to each other. But one thing is for sure, it sure would be cool to see these two back in the mainstream rap game together, producing an album for old times sake.

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