Labor Day Pool Party Ideas

Here are some great Labor Day pool party ideas. Because Labor Day is always considered the end of summer, even if the weather-especially in some parts of the country-says otherwise, you want your Labor Day pool party to be something special. These unique ideas should help you do just that.

  1. Everyone Wear White Labor Day pool party: Labor Day is (supposedly) the last day that one is supposed to wear white shoes, carry white purses, etc. In honor of this, have everyone wear as much white as possible and use white decorations.

  2. Labor Day Costume pool party: Have your guests wear a costume depicting a different occupation other than the one they hold.

  3. “Build your own” (food) Labor Day pool party: Labor Day was originally established to honor everyday workers. What better way to do so than to let guests build their own tacos, hamburgers, pizzas, or other foods that lend themselves to individual additions?

  4. How well could you do my job? Set up different stations, for both adults and children, showing various types of jobs. They do not have to be elaborate, just a few simple tools or office supplies. Make some of the stations very simple so that children can participate, but a little more challenging for adults.

  5. Summer’s “dead” Labor Day pool party: Go in the exact opposite direction of the first suggestion by decorating everything in black and having everyone wear at least one black item of clothing.

  6. Donate school supplies Labor Day pool party: The entrance “fee” is one or more school supplies, which will be donated to a local homeless shelter for families or another similar organization.

  7. Men vs. women school shopping party: Make a list of items needed for school, including the prices, and give everyone a certain amount of money (it can be “play” money or just a figure listed on a sheet of paper that they cannot go over). Give everyone so many minutes to “shop”, and then compare lists to see how well everyone did.

  8. Scavenger hunt: Use plastic eggs or containers that will float, and place small items that are waterproof or that water will not ruin, or pictures (laminated so that they’ll be waterproof) inside them. Let the items or pictures depict different occupations. Throw them into the pool, give everyone a list, and have the collect the containers then see if they have gotten everything on their list.

  9. Pool “baseball” game: Use adults for “bases”, children for fielders. Use inflatable “bats” and small balls intended for use in water.

  10. Pool “football” game: Let two adults serve as “goalposts”, and divide swimmers into teams.

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