Lack Of Sleep Side Effects

Lack of sleep side effects can be detrimental to your health and also a sign of other diseases. With continual lack of sleep you can be susceptible to more serious ailments and diseases such as heart failure and strokes. Side effects of continual lack of sleep can be both dangerous and life threatening. Lack of sleep side effects should also include a weakened immune system and the effect it has on your longevity. People who get less than 6 hours of sleep are 50% more likely to get viral infections, suffer a stroke, or suffer from heart disease.

  1. Lack of sleep deprives you of dreaming. Dreaming about Prince Charming or even that new castle in the sky brings hopes and smiles to many. Some say that you dream up to 25 times a night. Dreams are given for a reason and without sleep there is no dreaming.
  2. Lack of sleep plays a significant role in aging. With little or no sleep aging will increase drastically.  Your body is tired, weak and unable to self regenerate. Sleeping allows your body to automatically repair itself, but with little sleep you do not give your body time to repair and produce massive amounts of protein that are normaly produced when sleeping. Hopes of living to 100 may disappear very quickly with lack of sleep.
  3. Obesity associated with lack of sleep. Another side effect lack of sleep is the potential for becoming overweight and fat.  When you don’t sleep properly, there is no energy to exercise, walk or even do house work. The immune system is impaired and the one thought you may have is how to eat quickly and with little effort. So people with little sleep will grab a carb snack, fast food hamburger or something that takes little effort. Your metabolism goes down and the food you eat soon turns to fat and unhealthy weight comes rolling on.
  4. Mood swings, depression and anger. People with lack of sleep rarely smile. They are incoherent of many things around them and they feel desperate for rest. The pure thought of going to bed and relaxing escapes them. Their tempers rise as they are mentally exhausted and suddenly extreme depression comes around with no hope in sight. It is imperative to seek alternative measure and get a good night sleep.
  5. Headaches and migraines from lack of sleep. One of the first things you may notice when you do not sleep enough hours is a slow throbbing headache. That very dull pain may increase with aching eyes, heavy and pounding pressure and then lastly a migraine that is more painful than an operation without anesthesia. Some migraines will go into cluster headaches which will last for days. So with agonizing pain, sleep becomes harder to achieve.
  6. Concentration, tiredness and mental fatigue are side effects of insomnia. Insomnia is the inability to sleep and also the inability to fall back asleep after being awakened. If you have lack of sleep you may find that you wake up several times in the night and falling back to sleep is difficult. This lack of sleep will cause you to be too tired to work the next day.  You may find that concentrating on the simplest of tasks impossible. This is why many with sleep problems lose their jobs.
  7. When to seek a doctor’s help. There are many types of sleep problems, but when lack of sleep causes you to be ill, despondent, psychotic and extremely irritable, it is time to seek medical attention. Self medicating is never a good idea when it comes to sleeping pills. After three days of no sleep you can become psychotic. The desire to sleep can make anyone take steps that may not be the best, as in the case of Michael Jackson. His desire to sleep caused him to use unorthodox methods which lead to his death.  
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