Lacrosse Conditioning Drills

These lacrosse conditioning drills are sure to get you in the best shape you need to be in for the coming season. While we can give you all the tips and techniques in the world, it's these lacrosse conditioning drills that are going to make a tangible difference in your game. Be sure to use these lacrosse conditioning drills with your team to see an overall improvement.

  1. The Indian Run. Despite it's slightly politically incorrect name, this is definitely one of the best lacrosse conditioning drills ever. Have the entire team line up and start jogging. The person at the back of the line must then break rank and try to get in front of the head of the pack, who must then sprint to ensure that he or she does not loose their place. When the runner from the back becomes the new leader, jog for a few more meters and repeat the process with the person who is now at the back of the line. Repeat this until everyone has had a chance to overtake the leader at least twice.
  2. Snake Run. Set up a group of cones about six inches apart from one another. Sprint towards the cones and weave your way through them. Repeat this process by running backwards through these cones. This is one of the best lacrosse conditioning drills for players of all skill levels.
  3. Ladder Drill. Lay a ladder on the ground and then have the team run through it in a variety of ways to increase agility and have better footwork overall. You can alternate feet within the spaces, mimic a game of hop-scotch where you jump in with both feet, straddle the ladder and jump back in or mix it up to get a more diverse workout. This is one of the more intense lacrosse conditioning drills that helps players become faster on the field.
  4. Whistler Run. Have the entire team start running around the field. When you blow the whistle, the team musts start sprinting until you blow the whistle again. Repeat this, blowing the whistle at shorter intervals each time. This is one of the better lacrosse conditioning drills that keeps your team thinking on their feet.

These are just a few of the many lacrosse conditioning drills that will cause a tangible improvement in your game. Always be sure to practice in a team environment, and to exercise the utmost safety when doing so.

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