Lacrosse Cradling Techniques

The game may not be as brutal as rugby, but you'll need to be familiar with lacrosse cradling techniques if you are ever going to survive or be successful at the sport. Cradling is the most basic skill in lacrosse and is the equivalent of dribbling in soccer or basketball, but you'll never be able to move on to more advanced Lacrosse skills if you don't master the basics first. That's why it's important to stop being indecisive and pick a proper lacrosse cradling technique early on!

  1. Go ear-to-ear with the full cradle. The full cradle is an extremely common style, particularly among defenders, and is arguably one of the easiest cradling techniques to learn. The full cradle requires you to swing the stick from ear to ear while opening and closing the gate. As you might imagine, this isn't the quickest technique, but it does often allow the most control. Those who play a position that does not to shoot or pass the ball quickly, such as a defensive player, can make good use of this technique. If you're not comfortable swinging the stick in front of your face, move it down to your waist to do a horizontal version of the full cradle.
  2. Become faster with the half cradle. The half cradle is slightly harder to learn and control, but it is an extremely useful technique for any offensive position. By moving the stick from your ear to the midline of your body, you can keep yourself in a more ready position to throw a pass or take a shot. You'll sacrifice some control of the stick with this stance, but at least you want have to swing the stick in front of your face every other step.
  3. The best do it with one hand. If you're feeling a bit ambitious, you can try to complete a half cradle with only one hand. This technique allows you to reach a much higher maximum running speed, but you're going to have very little control of your stick. This is one of the few techniques that should not be attempted until you've got a solid understanding of the regular half cradle.
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