Lacrosse Defensive Drills

Lacrosse defensive drills are important for any team to have a strong foundation in defensive as well as offensive tactics. As with any game, defense is an essential part in lacrosse and with these drills you can really bulk up your team's defensive technique.

  1. The Poke Check Drill This defensive drill keeps your opponent away from you and the goal. Have all the defenders line up side by side with their sticks to their right. The person at the end of the line walks out and faces the first defender; they should be about five feet apart. The player gets into a defensive posture and pokes (hence "poke" check) the first defender's stick twice. Then he goes down the line, poking each stick twice. When he reaches the end of the line, he should line up again with his stick on his right. Have another player come up, etc.
  2. One-on-One Practice This defensive drill is important for lacrosse players in developing both their defensive and offensive techniques. The defenders should practice taking the ball away or preventing their opponent from taking a shot. There should be two groups in this drill: the offense and the defense. As each person plays, move the lines to the top right corner, then the bottom right corner of the box and so on.
  3. Long Passes, Clearing Passes Although these may seem tedious, lacrosse defensive drill is essential for your team's game. Long and clearing passes are needed for clearing the ball into the offensive zone.
  4. The Split-Dodge Drill Have a defender and an offensive player face each other. The offense should face the defender and split-dodge him all the way down the field. The defender should practice swiveling his hips and running with the offense. This is also an opportunity to practice the drop step. This defensive drill helps both lacrosse players in practicing dodges and shots.
  5. The Ice Pick This is done behind the opponent. The defender should slide his dominant hand to the top of the throat and have his weak hand around eight inches below that. He must then proceed to hit the attacker's stick with the shaft of his stick. Then, he must pull his bottom hand back and push the top one forward, resulting in more speed in the stick and a better chance of forcing the ball out.

There are other lacrosse defensive drills you can try and most of them are easily accessible on the internet, but these are some of the best defensive drills anywhere. Done regularly, they will buff up your team's game in no time flat.

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