Lacrosse Goalie Training Drills

Lacrosse goalies have it tough, getting shot at all the time, so it is important that they do lacrosse goalie training drills to improve their game. In lacrosse practice is essential. These drills, done on a regular basis, will help you up your goalie skills in no time.

  1. High-to-Low Drill. In this training drill, have two players stand a good distance from the goalie (around 10 to 15 yards) on either side. The two players should take alternate shots, starting at about shoulder height and progressing lower, until they're shooting bounce shots on the goalie. This drill can be a little scary if you're new, so it is advisable for the players to take it easy on newbies (unless you want a headless/ankle-less goalie on your team). This drill helps you, the lacrosse goalie, to prepare for hard shots in a real or training game.
  2. Brick Wall Drill. This lacrosse goalie training drill requires only two players: goalie and offense. Offense should stand about five yards behind you, the goalie, with a lacrosse ball while you stand about 5 yards away, facing a brick wall. When you're ready (and only when you're ready), tell your partner to throw the ball into the wall. You'll likely see this at the last minute, and that's when you try to make the save. The shots should start off soft, gradually intensifying as you get warmed up. This drill helps you develop your reflexes as a lacrosse goalie.
  3. Passing Drill. Passing is an important skill for a lacrosse goalie, and this training drill will help you with clearing balls or creating fast breaks. In this training drill, two sets of players line up on both sides of the net: both offense and defense. Your coach will be in the middle, shooting at you. After each save, yell “CLEAR”. This is when an offense player from one side should run up and cut out. Pass the ball to that player, and so on.
  4. Shooting Drill. Lacrosse goalies must also know how to shoot, and in this training drill you'll get to test out your shooting skills. This drill is usually conducted at the end of each practice. Everyone on the team (except you, you're special!) stand in a straight line at the top of the box. They each take turns shooting at you from about fifteen yards out.
  5. Angle Play. Grab a goal, a partner, and about sixteen yards of rope to set this lacrosse goalie training drill up. Tie end of the rope to the bottom of the front post, and other end to the opposite post. Make your partner pull the rope until it looks like a big V. Move the tip of the cone from one spot to another until you get twenty shots and you will see what boundaries the ball has to make in the goal. This is one of the geekier (but awfully effective!) ways to play the angle in a game. Who knew geometry was actually useful?

As a goalie, you also have to remember to do certain exercises to strengthen your body and give you better game. We suggest a lot of lower body and hand-eye coordination exercises, like juggling!

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