Lacrosse Moves For Beginners

Need some Lacrosse moves for beginners? Lacrosse (lax to its devotees) has a number of moves for beginners. Whether you are just starting to get into lacrosse or have been playing it for a while, these basic skills will always be useful to you when playing. These moves are very essential, and applying them in your training and game play will determine whether you’re going home a winner or not.

  1. Basic Throwing: This basic lacrosse stick move is a must-know for beginners. You should throw with your strong hand (left if you're a leftie, right if you're a righty) on the middle of the shaft. Extend your arm away from your body so that your elbow is nearly as high as your shoulder. Throwing with a lacrosse stick is a lot like throwing anything, really, except you've got to be careful with your posture and the way you handle your stick.
  2. Off Side Catch: Catching is one of the first moves lacrosse beginners should learn. There are a number of different catches; this is only one of them. The off stick side is the one away from the stick's head. This is useful for catching a ball that is thrown to the off stick side. As you move toward the throw, bring the head of the stick across your face, but keep the open net facing the ball. Keep your eyes on the ball all the way into the net, then cradle the ball immediately as you bring it back across your face and in position.
  3. The Single Handed Cradle:Cradling is a way to keep the lacrosse ball in the pocket of the lacrosse stick. Lacrosse beginners should learn the correct way of cradling. This move is a type of cradle technique where you're able to run at top speed and change direction fast. It is performed upright with one hand grasped near the stick's head. Your free hand should be held against your body. Remember not to push your opponents away with your other hand or you'll get a warding penalty.
  4. Stick Checking: is NOT like tackling somebody in football. It is just a move to dislodge a ball from an opponent by attacking their stick (not THEM) with your stick. Or harassing an attacking player, or blocking an opponent. This is an essential lacrosse beginner's move to learn, as it helps you maneuver the ball away from the opponent. Poke checking is done by jamming the net end of your stick into the offensive player's stick or (more risky) into his/her gloved(!) hand.
  5. Bull Dodge: Lacrosse beginners also have to learn how to dodge checks. One type of dodge, aptly named the bull dodge, is generally for bulkier players on your team. This is one of the more fun dodges, as you get to run at your opponent. Always keep the ball to the free hand side. Drive at full speed when you try a bull dodge, because a cow dodge just isn't the same level of cool.
  6. Basic Shooting:This is one of the more offensive moves for lacrosse beginners. There are different ways to shoot, from maybe 50 yards away or even just a little flip in the bottom corner of the goal. It all depends on the situation. A basic shot is executed by aiming your shoulder at the goal, your hips at the sideline, and your back foot towards the side line. Then, stretch your arms away from your body and reach back. Keep your weak hand on the bottom of the stick and your strong hand, which should be farthest from the goal, around 12 inches on the shaft. It's difficult not to imagine everything going slow-mo and have some sort of epic theme song play in the back of your hand while you take the shot, but keep your eyes on the target. Maybe growl at that groalie for effect. As you wind up shooting, step in the direction of the shot, aiming your near foot at the target. The crowd roars. FIRE!
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