Lacrosse Offense Drills

Looking for a few lacrosse offense drills? Of course, midfielders and attackmen are the most important offensive players on a lacrosse team. While the midfielders will get opportunities to score here and there, their main responsibility is to handle face-offs and keep the opposing teams defensive players moving. In lacrosse, the attackmen are the primary goal scorers for the team. The below lacrosse offense drills should help you improve your game if you decide to incorporate them into your practice routine.

  1. Rapid Fire. Rapid fire is one of the best lacrosse offense drills that you can participate in. For this offensive drill, you will need to line up around fifteen to twenty lacrosse balls at the top of the arc. Moving as quickly as you can, move down the line and shoot each ball at the goal. Rapid fire may seem like a boring lacrosse offense drill to you, but it is a great way to improve your scoring abilities.
  2. Quick Stick. Another lacrosse offense drill that you can try out is quick stick. You will need someone to help you out with this drill. Position your coach or teammate behind the lacrosse goal and ask him or her to toss you a ball as you approach the goal. As soon as the ball hits your lacrosse stick, shoot it into the goal. You do not want to cradle the ball at all during this scoring drill. Quick stick will help you improve your stick handling and accuracy skills.
  3. One-on-One. One-on-one is a great lacrosse offense drill to practice on a daily basis because it replicates a real game situation. For this drill, you will need a player at the 50 yard line and a player behind the goal. The player that is behind the goal will have all of the lacrosse balls. As the player at the 50 yard line is running, the player that is behind the goal will make a long pass to the other player and then run up the field to become a defender. If you are the offensive player in this drill, it is your job to dodge the other player and score a goal.
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