Lacrosse Passing Drills

Looking for a few lacrosse passing drills? If you are a midfielder or defensemen in lacrosse, passing is a skill that you should become a master at. While you can attempt to score a goal if the opportunity presents itself, your primary job is to pass the ball to an attacker, as they are the primary goal scorers for any lacrosse team. The below lacrosse passing drills will definitely benefit your passing game if you decide to use them to your advantage.

  1. Squares. Squares is a great lacrosse passing drill that your entire team can participate in. For this drill, you will need to have 4 lines of players that are positioned as a square. One player will begin with the ball, run to the player at the next point in the square while that player is running to the next point. The first player will then pass the ball to that player, as the player at the third point in the square runs toward the final point. The players will then keep passing the ball to one another as they run around in the square. This may seem confusing, but it will be quite easy once you hit the lacrosse field.
  2. The Weave. One of the best lacrosse passing drills that you can participate in is the weave. For the weave, three lines of players will need to line up at the 50 yard line, with each line facing a goal. For this lacrosse passing drill, the middle line will have all of the balls. Basically, for this drill, a player from each line will run down the field. The player from the middle line will pass the ball to the player from the third line. That player will then run behind the player from the third line while the player that has the ball passes to the player from the first line. Explaining this lacrosse passing drill can be difficult, but the goal here is to make long passes to the attack wings.
  3. Give-and-Go. Another lacrosse passing drill that you can try out is the give-and-go. For this drill, you will need to line up like you did for the weave. However, two of the lines will be in the center, while the third line is in a wing position. Between the two center lines, one will have the balls and the other will be the defense line. As a player from the two center lines is running, the defensive player will try to use his or her stick to check the player that has the ball. As the players advance towards the goal, the player with the ball will make a pass to a player from the wing line. As the defensive player turns to go after the player from the wing line, that player passes the ball back to the player from the center line.
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