Lacrosse Practice Drills For College

Looking for a few lacrosse practice drills for college? Lacrosse is a great sport to become involved with. There are several lacrosse positions that you can play, such as midfielder, attackmen, defensemen and goalie. Having good stamina is a huge part of being a successful lacrosse player, as you need to be able to run up and down the field all game long. Below you will find a few lacrosse practice drills for college that will help you improve your game.

  1. Rapid Fire. Rapid fire is one of the best lacrosse practice drills for college that you can do. Even if you aren't a midfielder, you still need to be able to shoot the ball. For rapid fire, you will want to line up at least fifteen balls in a row. You then begin at one end of that row and quickly scoop and shoot the balls at the goal as quickly as you can. Although this drill can become tiring, you should keep doing it until you are able to shoot every ball into the goal.
  2. Bowling. Bowling is a great pick-up lacrosse practice drill for college that you can get your entire team involved with. For this drill, you will want to form two lines at the 50 yard line. There should be a single person standing in between both lines with all of the balls. The person who is in the middle will throw a ball onto the ground and matching players from each line will go to pick it up. Whoever picks the ball up should run down the field and shoot the ball into the lacrosse goal.
  3. Line Drills. The final lacrosse practice drill for college that will be discussed is the passing line drill. As you probably know, passing is very important in lacrosse, especially if you are a defenseman. For the passing line drill, you will need to have two lines of players facing each other. A player from one line will begin to run downfield with the ball, and the matching playing from the other line will go with him. The player with the ball will pass the ball to the other player. The next player in line will then begin running and the ball will be passed to him or her. This process will continue until a pass has been made to all players on both lines.
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