Lacrosse Practice Drills For High School

Lacrosse practice drills for high schoolare crucial for developing and stepping up your performance on the field. There are a number of drills for a number of purposes; different drills for different skills that are essential for lacrosse players. Speed, for example, is an important aspect of a lacrosse player. Then of course there is hand-eye coordination, reflex speed, etc. Here are some examples:

  1. Diamond Passing Drill. This practice drill is important for teaching players how to move and cut when catching or throwing a pass. You need four lines of players for this drill, standing in a diamond formation. Each line should be about 12 yards away from a cone in the center. Using his right hand, the first player with the ball throws to the first player in the line to his right. The receiving player should V-cut, moving in towards the cone to receive the pass left-handed, with the stick on the outside. Once he’s caught the ball, he’ll have to switch the stick to his right and move to the player in the line to the right, throwing him a pass to the outside (should be caught left-handed). This goes on until every player has had 3-4 chances to do this, and then the ball rotation is reversed so that they can practice throwing and catching with your other hands.
  2. Shooting Drill. Of course shooting is a very important skill in lacrosse. All you have to do is pass fifteen balls around on the ground a few yards away from the goal. You have to shoot the balls into the goal as quickly as you can. This is a drill great for practicing your reflexes and ground-ball control.
  3. Running Drill. Speed and stamina are practiced in this drill. The running drill is a simple run, with about three miles as the minimum distance. As you get less and less winded, keep going for longer distances at a time. It’s good to sprint at random intervals.
  4. Same Side Shooting Drill. This is a good practice drill for the goalie and offensive players. Have your offensive players form two lines. There should be a pile of balls for the offensive players— a real, big, intimidating pile. Midfielders form two lines about five yards inside the restraining line, one on each hash mark. Have one of them cut toward the attack line on the same side of the goal as the midfield line. At the front of the line, the offensive players should throw the midfielder a hard pass with the outside hand. The midfielder should then catch the ball with his outside hand and then set up for a shot. Repeat.
  5. Hand Switchign Drill. This practice drill is best for stick control. You can also use the skills you develop to get away from defensive players and set up passes and shots. Set up markers down a field about five yards apart from each other, then run down and switch stick hands at each marker. As you go, you’ll start getting used to switching hands while on the run.
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