Lacrosse Practice Drills For Midfielders

Playing midfield in lacrosse can be one of the most difficult positions, because players need to be well versed in how to play offense and defense so be prepared for the situations that present themselves by regularly completing lacrosse practice drills for midfielders. These drills can help with basic strategies, techniques, or even taking advantage of shooting situations that are most common for midfielders.

  1. Work on a midfielder's rotation. This drill requires several offensive players and is best utilized in an organized team setting with a coach overseeing the rotation. Start by having a player, preferably a forward or attackman, run downfield. The midfielder should run slightly behind him from the middle of the field. The attackman should pick a side and the midfielder should cut from the top and receive the pass. He should quickly take a shot and shoot into the corner opposite him. This practice drill for midfielders may take some time to get used to, but, after a few tries, both players should feel comfortable on when to cut, catch and shoot.
  2. Play a little wall ball. Hand-eye-coordination is one of the most important skill for any successful lacrosse midfielder, and one of the best ways to improve this skill is by playing wall ball. In this drill, the player should throw a ball against the wall with his stick and quickly catch it as it bounces back at him. The player should try to execute "quick stick" shots by shooting the ball at the wall almost immediately as he catches it. This practice drill can make a big difference in improving any mid-fielders fast break game.
  3. Work on face-offs. Face-offs are a technique that seemed to get overlooked in many lacrosse practice sessions, but it's not a skill that should be taken for granted or lightly. Simulate face-off scenarios multiple times between your midfielders and wingman. For some extra incentive, require the losing team to do five to ten pushups after each loss. You'll quickly notice the hustle and precision of your players and midfielders during this practice drill pick up.
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