Lacrosse Shot Drills

As with every sport, in lacrosse, practice makes perfect—so if you're not satisfied with your offensive production, here are some challenging lacrosse shot drills that will help you put more goals in the back of the net. With bigger and more athletic goalies, angles and speed on your lacrosse shots make all the difference. Run through these drills enough and your scoring numbers will absolutely start climbing. These are drills you can do solo or at lacrosse practice.

  1. On-the-run. Line ten balls on the ground in front of the cage at a distance of about twenty yards. Jog to a spot, scoop up a ball, start to your left and then reverse course to the right. Then run down the alley to the hash marks on the field and fire overhand with your right. Go back to start and repeat, only this time moving in the opposite direction. Scoop up a ball, start to the right and switch distance to the left, and fire overhand with your left. Paul Rabil, a star in Major League Lacrosse, recommends two sets of 10 each.
  2. From the corner. In this lacrosse shot drill, mark off about five yards from the left goal post. Place ten balls at that spot in a pile. Grab one ball at a time and fire at the corner of the net. Concentrate on placing all of your weight into each shot. Remember that accuracy, angles and speed will help elevate you to the top of the scoring leaders. Coaches can challenge players further by using a goalie or placing targets in the goal areas.
  3. Quick-shot artist. This lacrosse shot drill calls for lining up fifteen to twenty balls at the top of the arc. Right-handers should start at the right end; left-handers at the left end. Start the drill by picking up the balls in order and shooting at the goal. Move methodically around the top of the arc, shooting one at a time.
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