Lacrosse Stringing Tips

Use these lacrosse stringing tips to help save time and minimize how much your pocket deforms when it is saturated with water. These tips will also help to get you the greatest amount of hold on the ball as well. You can easily string your own lacrosse head with just a little practice.

  1. Soak your stringing materials in warm water. This will give the string some stretch and allow you to string the top tightly and consistently. Wet strings will stretch easily allowing you to pull the mesh tight to the perimeter. After you have finished stringing, wet it again and pound the pocket to make sure it forms correctly.
  2. Get the strings ready before you start stringing. Lacrosse stringing can get frustrating when you have a small space to run the string through. If you use a flame to seal the ends of the string it will make it easier. You can also cut your three pieces before you get started.
  3. Taper the end of the string. This will also help to ease your frustration when you are lacrosse stringing. To do this, push the braid back and expose the fibers. Cut off about an inch of the fibers and then work the braid back out past where the fibers now end. Use a lighter to seal the ends of the string.
  4. Tie your knots correctly. It is very important in lacrosse stringing to tie the knots well. The right knot can make the difference between a pocket that holds the ball and a pocket the balls fall out of. When tying lacrosse knots make sure that it doesn't slip, and that they are the right size for the holes on your stick.
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