Lacrosse Training Drills For High School

These lacrosse training drills for high school will allow you to step up your game and dominate the field. Lacrosse is a rather intensive sport to play, so keeping in great shape and practicing with multiple types of drills are required to excel in the sports. If you happen to play lacrosse in high school, try these drills to keep your game strong.

  1. The running drill. Seeing as how lacrosse is a very mobile sport, being able to run long distances for a long time is extremely important. If you get tired out, you are of no use to the team. The running drill is just a simple run. Three miles is often a good length. As you get better at distance running, add on more miles for a better workout. Add in random sprints to push yourself more. Running is possibly the most important aspect of lacrosse, so do not skimp on running drills.
  2. The hand switching drill. Stick control is a major part of lacrosse. It is used to get away from defensemen and set up better passes and shots. To get better at hand switching, set up markers down a field, about five yards apart from each other. Run down the field and switch stick hands at each cone. This will get you used to switching stick hands while running; an extremely important skill to master in lacrosse.
  3. Passing drill. The passing drill is all about ball control. You will need a partner for this. Stand a few yards away from your partner. Both of you need to run down the field, passing the ball back and forth. This lacrosse drill not only helps with passing, but with shooting as well. Your technique at slinging the ball will get better the more you practice.
  4. The shooting drill. High school lacrosse would be awfully boring if no one knew how to shoot. For this drill, place around fifteen balls on the ground a few yards away from the goal. The goal of this drill is to shoot the balls into the goal as fast as you can. This training drill is fantastic for ground-ball control and sharpening your reflexes.
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