Lacrosse Training Routine

Following a regimented lacrosse training routine will surely do a lot to improve a player's skills. From speed and agility to ball handling, passing and shooting, it takes a high quality all-around athlete to excel at lacrosse. And, as the best players of any sport could inform you, practice does indeed make perfect. The one caveat to keep in mind, though, is that efficient and effective training requires specific skill improvement as opposed to just playing around. Below is a good instance of a lacrosse training routine that you can put into motion today.

  1. Before working on your stick skills, practice speed and agility. Putting an emphasis on speed, agility and endurance is an essential aspect of a high quality lacrosse training routine. The best lacrosse players have both explosive running power and superior endurance, so you'll have to do both sprints and long distance running. For the explosive part of your routine, begin the training with a line to line run from the end line to midfield and back twice. Follow that with a moderately paced distance run from one to two miles (depending on your existing endurance) as a warm up.

  2. Employ cradling drills in your lacrosse training routine. The first lacrosse stick skill to practice is cradling. One of the most popular training methods is to stand with your back against the wall with a ball in your stick and cradle it back and forth so that your stick touches the wall behind you on both sides. The other drill to incorporate in your routine is obstacle cradling. Use people, or cones if you have to, as stationary objects to run around sharply as you cradle. Practice making quick cuts and explosive moves while maintaining good ball control.

  3. Every lacrosse training routine should include passing drills. For this part of your routine, you'll need at least one other person to practice with. Two basic passing practices are often incorporated. The first is simply stationary passing. Have your partner stand at a certain distance from you and simply play “catch” with the ball. As you go, increase the distance between yourselves to improve long range accuracy. A second technique to employ is moving passing practice. Have your partner run with you as if you were driving toward a lacrosse goal, passing back and forth at different angles and distances. One fun tip is to make a game out of it. See how long you and your partner can go without dropping the ball.

  4. To conclude your lacrosse training routine, move on to shooting practice. For accuracy training, you can either use special lacrosse goal targets or just tape a piece of paper at each corner. Shoot from five different angles (30, 60 and 90 degrees on each side) until you get on a roll. To complement this accuracy training, include speed practice as well. From each of the aforementioned positions, drop several balls on the ground. Then, scoop and shoot them as quickly as possible. As you get better, you will be able to combine these two techniques into one speed and accuracy combination drill. 

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