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Want to know what the best Lady Gaga outfits are? You're about to find out. Lady Gaga is known for her outlandish and over-the-top outfits and styles, and her fashion sense often has people scratching their heads in wonder. Some refer to Lady Gaga as a genius in many ways, while others just find her to be a little too extreme and over the top musician who tries too hard to be different. Whatever your opinion on Lady Gaga is, it doesn't matter. This is a list of Lady Gaga's best outfits, ranging from just a little crazy to completely bizarre. 

  1. Red Lace outfit with face mask. This dramatic and very bizarre outfit Lady Gaga sported to the2009  MTV Video Music Awards certainly got her noticed. She was completely covered from head to toe in red lace, and even wore a red-laced mask to cover her face. From a distance, it somewhat looked as if Gaga was covered in bloody guts and pulp. 
  2. Feather Victorian-style dress. This high-necked piece was as bold and dramatic as the singer is herself. A deep black color, this dress was bedecked with feathers and Lady Gaga just seemed to have a presence when she wore it. This uniquely crazy outfit was worn by Gaga at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. 
  3. The bloody VMA outfit. During the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards, Gaga performed in a white bikini type outfit and was covered in what appeared to be blood. The blood was more pronounced in the center of the singer's stomach, but she somehow managed to get blood all over her entire body, hands, and face during the memorable performance. 
  4. Meat dress. One of Gaga's most bizarre and disturbing outfits was the shocking dress made of meat that she wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. This meaty dress was completed with meat boots and a meat hat, covering the singer in meat from head to toe. If not the most shocking outfit Lady Gaga has ever worn, the meat dress is definitely the most unsanitary. 
  5. Little Red Riding Hood outfit. During an MTV Awards show, Gaga sported a bright red leotard complete with a red hood that made her resemble Little Red Riding Hood in many ways. This outfit is often mimicked by others during Halloween, because it is one of the easiest Lady Gaga looks to recreate. She also wore dark black sunglasses with the red outfit to complete the whole look. 
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