Lamborghini Diablo VS Ferrari

Are you wondering about the differences as well as the similarities in the Lamborghini Diablo vs Ferrari? A few years ago, the two raced side by side in a quarter mile drag. Ferrari used the f430 for this race. Videos of this race are listed on multiple websites for everyone to view.

Lamborghini Diablo vs. Ferrari History. Both the Lamborghini Diablo and Ferrari are insanely fast sports cars that were both originally designed by Italian men in Italy. Ferrucio Lamborghini built his car to rival Ferrari's. Both plants are still located in Itally although the Lamborghini Diablo is not in production any longer. A number of Lamborghini Diablo variations were produced during the 90's through the early 2000's. The Diablo GT 2 and SVTT were both produced in 1998. The Diablo GT was produced in 1999 and 2000, while the Diablo GTR was produced in 2000 and the Diablo 6.0 SE was produced in 2001. The Ferrari f430 (modified after 09) is still in production in Modena, Italy.

Timed quarter mile race of the Lamborghini Diablo vs. Ferrari. In a quarter mile drag, the Smart Diablo beat the Ferrari F430, with the Diablo clocking at 13.29 and the Ferrari clocking at 13.40.

Lamborghini Diablo vs. Ferrari Museums. Each of these cars appear in their factory museum and are also pictured on their company websites.

Engines. The Lamborghini Diablo vs. Ferrari demonstrate the different types of engines used in sports cars. The Diablo has a V12, while the Ferrari 430 has a V8 engine.
Ferrari was known for the Dino V12 up until this point.

Kit Cars. Kit cars are available for those who want the look without the price tag on both the Lamborghini Diablo vs. Ferrari.



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