Largemouth Bass Fishing Lures

Largemouth bass fishing lures will give you a quick guide to a wide-variety of baits that will help you to catch more and bigger largemouth bass. Largemouth bass are extremely aggressive, put up one heck of a fight, and are extremely fun to catch. Each of the lures in your arsenal should be considered a tool. Like any good tool, there’s a right time to use it. Largemouth bass fishing lures will not only give you information about various types of lures but will also help you to decide when you should use each type of lure.

  1. Spinners and Spinner baits. Two most essential lures for catching largemouth bass or any type of fish are spinner baits and spinners, which are also known as bucktails. Spinners/bucktails feature a tied wire with a blade, hook, and sometimes other fish attractors such as skirts or grubs. Spinners are an excellent choice when largemouth are sunning themselves on rocks or hiding next to fallen timber. Spinner baits are similar to spinners, except they feature a wire arm where the blades run. Spinner baits work well around cover because of their snag-free ability. They’re great when largemouth are hidden in weed beds or are holding in deeper water.
  2. Crankbaits. Another bait that’s extremely versatile when it comes to catching largemouth are crankbaits. Crankbaits were made popular by brands such as Rapala, Rebel, and Bagley. Crankbaits are an excellent option for catching largemouth because they come in countless styles. When you want to focus on largemouth holding in deeper water during colder months, nothing beats a drop-belly crankbait with a big diving lip. When bass are shallow and tight to cover, nothing beats a minnow-style crankbait cranked slowly over the surface. No matter the application, crankbaits flat-out catch fish.
  3. Jerkbaits. Another style of bait gaining popularity is the jerkbait. Some anglers may be familiar with another term for a jerkbait-the “twichbait.” No matter what you call it, jerkbaits flat-out catch largemouth; especially when they’re neutral and holding tight to cover. Minnow baits, which we mentioned in the crankbaits category, can be used like jerkbaits by simply twitching them in front of pesky bass. Another effective way to use jerkbaits is to find a crankbait that suspends or sinks. Manufactures are also producing lures that exclusively function as jerkbaits now too.
  4. Grubs and plastics. Grubs and plastics features a wide variety of baits that largemouth simply can’t resist. Whether you’re using plastic twisty tails with a jig or using eels twitched along the surface, plastics simply out-shine other similar baits. When anglers are faced with pesky largemouth who feed on more life-like prey, plastics are an excellent choice. Swimbaits, which are an off-shoot of grubs and plastics, are also gaining popularity in the largemouth fishing world. Swimbaits combine the swimming actions of crankbaits with the life-like appearance of plastics.
  5. Topwater. We end our list of largemouth bass fishing lures with possibility the most fun to use largemouth lures—topwaters. Topwaters are extremely fun to use due to the bone-jarring strikes they produce and the opportunity to have multiple bass chasing your lure at once. Topwater baits shine in the early morning, late night, or during storm fronts. Not only will topwaters produce exciting strikes, but they possesses the effective action necessary to trigger more strikes!
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