Lawn Bowling Rules

Lawn Bowling rules are simple and easy to learn. Lawn Bowling (also known as Bocce) is a great recreational sport. Lawn Bowling is inexpensive and simple to learn. This makes Lawn Bowling a fun leisure or competitive sport for you and your friends to enjoy. Lawn Bowling is one of those sports that you can always tip back a few and still have a good time.

Basic Lawn Bowling rules:

  1. To play Lawn Bowling you need at least two players. Each ‘team’ can consist up to four players but the number must be equal on both sides. Lawn bowling is played on a well manicured lawn and played on a 120 foot by 28 foot field. Each field has a 14 foot boundary marker centered by a center line.
  2. Rules are simple. The player must toss all the balls allotted per turn (four). This is spread out over the number of players in the team but does not have to be equal. For example if you are playing pairs, player one can roll one ball and player two the remaining three.
  3. Players must release the ball in either a forehand or backhand roll. This must occur from the center line. The object is to gain points by rolling the lawn ball closest to the ‘jack’ (smaller balls placed along the center line above the hog marker). Points are awarded to the teams with the ball closest to the jack without hitting it.
  4. The winner or winners are determined based on points. Each team is allotted a certain number of rolls per game. These vary by competition or game but are generally between 21 and 25 rolls per team. A roll is equivalent to a turn not the number of balls rolled.


  • Very similar to curling or shuffle board. The object of getting closest to the jack means you ma also bump balls out of the way.
  • The lawn balls are much like a softball or duck pin ball. Slightly larger then palm sized and very light



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