Laws Of Speedball Paintball

The popularity of speedball paintball continues to increase, making it important to learn the laws of speedball baintball before joining a team or a league. Speedball paintball is played with equal amounts of strategically placed bunkers on each side of the field for each team. Opposing teams engage in a shootout with Paintball guns to the last man standing or until all flags are captured, depending on the set of laws and league being followed.

  1. Referee. Each game of speedball paintball must have a Referee with a whistle who will start the game, maintain strong adherence to all laws, settle disputes, conduct paint checks, and stop the game if necessary. The Referee keeps time for the game, determines rest periods, and restarts play. The Referee makes certain all the players understand the boundaries of the field before play begins. Under no circumstances is a Referee ever to be touched, hit, or shot at.
  2. Protective Gear. Any person stepping on to the field of play must wear a protective mask with visor or goggles specially made for Paintball for protection.
  3. The Field of Play. The speedball paintball field has bunkers or obstacles used for coverage. Each side of the field must have the same number of bunkers. A player is never allowed to move an obstacle or bunker. However, players from either team can take position on any part of the field.
  4. Ammunition Law. A player is allowed to carry extra paintballs, but is never allowed to leave the field of play to reload. Leaving the field of play to fix a gun is against the laws of speedball paintball. A player with a jammed gun or who is out of ammunition is allowed to stay in the game to support the team as a decoy. A player is allowed to carry the necessary tools to repair the paintball gin in the field during play.
  5. Out of the Game. A player is considered to be out of the game after being hit by a paintball that breaks and splatters paint from an opponent or a teammate. The player hit by a paintball must shout out they are out of the game immediately. A player who is out is not allowed to shoot the paintball gun while leaving the field of play.
  6. Paint Check Law. To determine if a player is out or to settle a dispute, the Referee stops the game to conduct a paint check. The purpose of the paint check is to determine if a player was hit by a paintball by finding the paint splatter on the player. During a paint check, all participating players on the field must stay where they are and not adjust positions until the Referee starts the game again.
  7. Dead Man Walking Law. An active player is allowed to walk alongside a player who was just put out and is leaving the field. This maneuver gives an active player an opportunity to change position on the field.
  8. Dead Man Silent Law. When a player is hit and leaving the field, that player is not allowed to speak to any other players. The hit player is to walk off the field in silence and report to the Referee for a paint check.
  9. Safety Laws. Long sleeve shirts and long pants are required dress on the playing field. Goggles must be worn at all times during the game. Shooting a player at close range (less than ten feet) is not allowed to avoid injury. Note: the distance may vary depending on the league. Barrel blocking plugs must be in place on every paintball gun when not being used on the field of play.
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