Leading Causes Of Death In America

The CDC has released their list of the leading causes of death in America. Heart disease is still number one and has been for many years. Other causes of death are cancer, stroke, lung disease, accidents, Alzheimer's and diabetes. Influenza and pneumonia, kidney disease and septicemia were numbers eight to ten. Number four on the CDC list is unintentional accidents. Have you ever heard of an intentional accident?

  1. Heart Disease. Heart disease is when the veins are plugged, sometimes causing sudden death. More women than men die of sudden death, thus proving that some women do not listen to the signs as they should. Diseases of the heart (loneliness from heartbreak) are not the same thing, but loneliness can indeed cause a woman to have a heart attack. Sudden shock can cause sudden death. Another scary fact is that 3/4 of all the people who died of sudden death, died outside the hospital. According to Dr. Christopher, if you are having symptoms of a heart attack, take one teaspoon of cayenne pepper mixed in a glass of water immediately. Cayenne will open up your veins and you will not need to go to the hospital. It is time to live smart and buy some cayenne.
  2. Cancer. Cancer is listed as number two on the CDC list, but actually cancer is the leading cause of death of anyone under the age of 85. Heart disease has a slightly higher figure due to the fact that the death rates are slightly higher for all ages. Cancer has 563,000 deaths and 23.2% of the leading causes of deaths in America compared to the number one, which is heart disease at 25.4%. Keep in mind these are the figures released in 2010 by the CDC. Cancer has had increased survival rates due to more people opting for natural medicine remedies and awareness by the public in early detection.
  3. Stroke. Stroke is attributed to 136,000 deaths per year and approximately 5.6% of the total deaths in America. New information has shown that people under the age of 65 who are depressed, have a four times greater chance of having a stroke. Although the CDC lists stroke as the third leading cause of death in America, Journal of the American Medical Association states that deaths from health officials is the third leading cause of death. This can be attributed to pharmaceutical mistakes, hospital errors, infections from the hospitals and  unnecessary surgeries. These deaths amount to over 225,000 per year.
  4. Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease (lung disease). Lung disease can be attributed mainly to smoking in most cases. Lung cancer is the number one cancer in America attributing to 30.9%, a figure 3 times what it is for colon cancer.  Smoking is the number one preventable death in America and second hand smoke is the number two preventable death in America. So why are you smoking?
  5. Unintentional Accidents, Alzheimer’s and Diabetes. Unintentional accidents would include car accidents, falls, and poisonings by accident, drowning, complications from medicines and more. Many of these accidents could have been avoided. Take a bus and don’t drive, avoid wearing the wrong shoes and rearrange your home and getting rid of slippery rugs. Accidental poisonings? Does this include celebrities mixing pharmaceutical cocktails and expecting to live? Either way unintentional accidents that end in death amount to 4.4%. Alzheimer’s and Diabetes are close behind with 2.4% for Alzheimer’s senility and 3% for Diabetes. Diabetes is a growing concern worldwide still and some fear it will be number three on the list soon. Of all the diseases in America, Alzheimer’s is the number one most dreaded disease..  
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