Learn How To Auto Airbrush

Want to learn how to auto airbrush? Knowing how to auto airbrush can offer a tremendous career opportunity. Once established, an auto airbrush artist can build his own cliental and start their own airbrush business.

  1. Get your tools. Learning how to auto airbrush includes purchasing or obtaining a particular set of tools. These tools include different airbrush heads, paint containers, regulators, paint hoses and an air compressor. These tools are needed prior to beginning the learning process. Before buying all new equipment, check want ads, pawn shops and resale stores for used tools. If the skill turns out to not be for you, this will save you money in the long run. Others who have given up auto airbrushing may also have equipment you can use to practice or for sale for a reasonable price.
  2. Seek out a free program. Begin learning how to auto airbrush by finding a free course to take. Airbrush Technique Magazine, and other similar publications offer free videos and instruction manuals for getting started.
  3. Watch and study. Before picking up your tools, watch the free instructional information several times. Read all the information and take all the tests at the end of chapters and sections. Learning to auto airbrush takes time and study.
  4. Practice at home. Learning to auto airbrush requires much practice. An old car, or simply pieces of sheet metal will be a great canvas to practice your work. Start simple, and practice the basics. When your technique begins to improve, attempt more complicated patterns and designs.
  5. Find an internship. To complete the process of learning how to auto airbrush, offer yourself as an intern for local paint shops. While you will not earn money for your work, you will gain valuable skills and practice time. Often, interns are hired after a period of time or after they have proved themselves ready to work in a professional shop.
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