Learn How To Dive

Need to learn how to dive? Learning how to dive is a fun and challenging process. Diving is an exciting sport that has grown a lot in popularity. Diving requires much practice and a fearless attitude. To dive, follow these simple steps.

  1. The first step is to make sure you are a solid swimmer. As elementary as it sounds, being a good swimmer keeps a diver safe after making contact with the water. It’s important to learn how to swim from a certified coach or trained professional. A coach will be able to teach technique and build confidence. The best way to find trained professionals is to join a swim club or the local YMCA.
  2. There are different platforms used for diving. All beginners should start with the basic dive off the side of the pool. Beginners need to learn technique.
  3. Before you dive, make sure you are supervised. Regardless of how much swimming experience you have, you should never swim or practice diving alone.
  4. Next, make sure you are in deep water. Diving in shallow water could lead to serious head injuries. Most pools are set up with at least a five to six foot deep end. This is where divers should practice.
  5. Start your dive by approaching the edge of the pool. You want to place your toes on the edge before you dive.
  6. Swing both arms back, as well as your core, then spring forward with your arms and legs. You should lift off with your toes and allow the momentum from your core carry you forward as you dive.
  7. As you approach the water, your arms should extend in front of your body, with your head tucked in. You’ll know the dive is correct when your arms hit the water first. Upon contact with the water, you may move your arms back in a swimming motion and allow your momentum to carry you, or you may surface immediately.

Diving is fun. Once the basics are down, a diver may move on to tackle springboard or platform diving. The key to becoming a successful diver is technique and confidence.



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