Learn Professional Wrestling Aerial Techniques

High-flyers in pro-wrestling are some of the most awe-inspiring talents in the entire business which is probably why you want to learn professional wrestling aerial techniques. Fans lose their breath at the amazing athleticism, and often, if they blink, they miss something. Smaller athletes who aspire to one day join the ranks of the WWE, TNA, or an indy organization will no doubt want to learn professional wrestling aerial techniques.

  1. The diving hurricanrana was utilized often by former WWE diva Lita. A wrestler stands on the top turnbuckle and launches her body in mid-air onto their opponent. Their legs will wrap around the opponent's neck, while that person holds onto the diver's legs to support them. The opponent will end up being swung in the air to land halfway across the ring.
  2. The moonsault, another aerial technique, was also a signature maneuver of Lita's. A wrestler can perform this move either from the turnbuckle or while standing on the canvas, over their opponent. They flip their body all the way around in a 360-degree angle to land on the other wrestler.
  3. The 450 Splash is a breathtaking aerial wrestling technique that was invented by 2 Cold Scorpio. A wrestler stands on the top turnbuckle, with their opponent laying below. They leap, spinning their body all the way around in a forward motion, eventually connecting with the opponent.
  4. A shooting star press is somewhat similar to a 450 splash. Former WCW and WWE cruiserweight Billy Kidman used this aerial maneuver, which requires a wrestler to execute a backflip off the top rope, eventually landing on their opponent below.
  5. The frog splash is an aerial wrestling move known best as being performed by the late, great Eddy Guerrero. A wrestler leaps off the top turnbuckle and lands stomach-first onto their opponent, who is laying on their back on the canvas.
  6. The diving headbutt is a dangerous aerial wrestling maneuver made famous by the late Chris Benoit. A wrestler stands on the top rope and allows himself to fall forward, head-first onto his opponent, who is laying on the mat below. This move has been banned by organizations such as the WWE due to the risk of brain damage and injury that can be sustained when it is used often.
  7. An ax-handle is a fairly easy aerial technique to learn. A wrestler stands on the second or top turnbuckle, and, with his arms bent and up and with hands clenched, jumps down and connects with their opponent with their hands.



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