Learn To Wakeboard: The Basics

If you want to learn to wakeboard, here are the basics. First, you need to start on land. Wakeboarding is easier than just plain surfing, so you're already a step ahead in that department. But don't expect to leave land anytime soon, getting into the water if you don't know what you're doing can result in injuries!

Things you'll need:

  • A wakeboard
  • A tether with handles
  • Swim trunks
  • Boat
  • Life jacket
  1. Hop into your swim trunks. You should get a feel for how you move in clothes you can swim in, not the clothes you wear to work.
  2. Tie the tether to a stable object. Tying it around a tree or to the hitch of a car works.
  3. Set the wakeboard horizontally in front of you. It's best if you're on loose terrain, like sand or dry dirt.
  4. Place the tether handles within reach of the wakeboard.
  5. Step into the footholds of the wakeboard. Reach down and pick up the tether handles in both hands.
  6. Practice veering from side to side. You'll need to turn back and forth without the help of the boat when you're on a wakeboard in water. Practice doing this on your tether by leaning to the left and right with your body, not your hands.
  7. Work on your stance. You can't stand stock straight while you learn to wakeboard. You'll fall over in no time. What you should do instead is crouch down just a little, keeping your butt in a slight squat position to maintain balance.
  8. Rock back and forth on the wakeboard. Learn to wakeboard by anticipating possible waves that will fly at you from the boat and the current. Weave side to side with your body to simulate crossing over the wakes in the water.
  9. Put your moves into wakeboarding for real. There's no better way to learn to wakeboard then to do it on the boat as soon as you feel comfortable on land. Don't be too cavalier, though. Wear a life jacket for the first time in case you fly off the wakeboard and find yourself treading water until the boat driver figures out he's lost you.
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