Lebron James Tattoos

Ever wonder what Lebron James’s tattoos mean? Lebron James has a number of tattoos all over his body that reflect a number of significant aspects of his life. Although he has varying tattoo designs, what is common is his commitment to his roots, family and values. Over his career in the NBA, tattoos were gradually added and some were upgraded to show memorable changes in his life.

  1. Lion head tattoo – The lion head tattoo on his right arm is one of Lebron’s first when he was in high school. It started as a seemingly hairy creature with a crown. During his first NBA season, the scripts “King” and “James” were added on top and bottom of the tattoo. Eventually, “Gloria” was placed on the top of the lion head in honor of his mother.
  2. CHOSEN1 tattoo – “CHOSEN1” is tattooed across his back. It was "Sports Illustrated" that christened Lebron as “the chosen one” when they featured him on their cover while he was still studying in high school.
  3. Prince James / Bryce Maximus – A face portrait of his son Prince James was added on his left forearm during his first two years in the NBA. James’s son’s name Bryce Maximus was also added on his left forearm around the time he joined the USA Basketball Training Camp.
  4. Lion-Dragon tattoo – An impressive lion-dragon hybrid tattoo was added across his chest during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
  5. “Family” – James affirms his commitment to his family by having the word “Family” added under the lion-dragon tattoo on his right side.
  6. Gladiator quote – During the NBA 2010 Playoffs, Lebron showed off a memorable quote from his favorite movie Gladiator which says “What we do in life” on his right arm and “echoes in eternity” on his left arm.
  7. “330” – Lebron referenced his home town with a “330” tattoo on his right forearm. It stood for the area code for his hometown of Akron.
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