Led Zeppelin Vintage T Shirt: 5 Rarest

The 5 rarest Led Zeppelin vintage t-shirts can only be found through private collectors or on eBay. Many different types of Led Zeppelin t-shirts have been manufactured over the years, but the rarest are those that were sold during their concert tours back in the late 1970's and early 1980's.

  1. Led Zeppelin backstage pass t-shirt 1979. This rare black Led Zeppelin t-shirt was produced during the year 1979 for the Knebworth House concert. This t-shirt was made in a very limited number and only for those who were honored enough to receive backstage passes to meet and greet with the band during one of their two shows played there. The t-shirt had yellow lettering on the back stating "Led-Zeppelin back stage pass 79" and then on the front the capital letters "LZ KNEBWORTH".
  2. Led Zeppelin stage crew t-shirt 1977. This vintage t-shirt was given to any of the stage crew that worked at Led Zeppelin's June 3, 1977 show in Tampa, Florida. It's a white t-shirt with blue lettering and a picture on the front incorporating a picture of the Tampa stadium, the Swan Song angel and the ZOSO blimp. The lettering on the front of the t-shirt reads "LED-ZEPPELIN stage" and on the back it shows a larger picture of Tampa Stadium with the concert date.
  3. Led Zeppelin vintage t-shirt 1980 tour cancelled. This rare blue t-shirt portrays the Zeppelin blimp on the front with the words "Led Zeppelin, World Tour 1980-1981, cancelled". On the back of the t-shirt is a ghostly image, a hanging light and a gravestone reading "John Bonham 1948-1980 Rest in Peace".
  4. Led Zeppelin Song Remains the Same tour 1976 baseball t-shirt. With white sleeves and a black center, this rare Led Zeppelin tour t-shirt from 1976 shows images of all four members of the band on the front. Their names scribed above each of their images, as well as the words "The Song Remains the Same", the title of one of their songs and albums. The back of this particular t-shirt is plain.
  5. Led Zeppelin Swan Song tour 1977 baseball t-shirt. This vintage Led Zeppelin t-shirt is a black baseball shirt with white sleeves. It was produced for the Swan Song tour in 1977. On the front it shows a combination of four Swan Song angels, the Zeppelin blimp and mother ship, and the words "on tour". On the back is the band’s name along with a larger scale image of the Swan Song angel.
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