Left 4 Dead 2 Achievements

Not only is killing zombies fun, but it's calorie free, much like these "Left 4 Dead 2" achievements. Live in fear and live to see another part of the story line. So chainsaw up, grab some medkits and get ready to earn these special bonuses:

  1. Clown'd. Go out there and honk ten clown noses via the miracle of punching. Sure, you might rather use a gun, but then you're not going to earn your special little treat are you? Go and wipe some painted on smiles off and make this "Left 4 Dead 2" achievement yours!
  2. Violence in Silence. Fairly simple as you need to avoid setting off car alarms, but mistakes can still be made. So go quickly, go quietly and if the car is a flashing then don't shoot, kick or insult its mother. A fun little "Left 4 Dead 2" achievement that adds to the "aw nuts" factor if you mess up near the end.
  3. Fore. Sure golf is a sport but it's a rarity to see someone attacked while playing gold unless it's by a crocodile or errant groundhog. This achievement brings the gore back to golfing. Remember to swing high as only decapitations count and not the classically funny bathing suit area hits.
  4. Guardin' Gnome. It takes a little extra work but you can't expect all your gnomes to be free. Now despite gnomes being just below clowns on the creepy scale, you still need to protect this little guy and carry him like an infant to the end of The Fairground level. Please don't name him; it'll just make losing him after you earn your "Left 4 Dead 2" achievement all the tougher.
  5. Bridge over Trebled Slaughter. Run! With three minutes to cross that bridge of doom you need to put the "I" back in friendship and leave stragglers behind. Like the saying states, "You don't have to outrun the bear, just your friend" and earn your "Left 4 Dead 2" achievement.
  6. Confederacy of Crunches. Seems easy at first but to use just a melee weapon through a whole campaign can lead to an itchy trigger finger. Make sure no matter what that you don't give in to the urge to shoot up an infected no matter what. The combination of difficulty and fun makes this a favorite "Left 4 Dead 2" achievement.
  7. Club Dead. Go back to your primitive roots and smash and hack your way through this "Left 4 Dead 2" achievement. Up close and personal makes this a lot of fun though not for your enemies. A good old-fashioned achievement that oozes with blood, sweat and tears…of joy.
  8. Fried Piper. Using a Molotov cocktail you need to kill a clown along with ten or more common infected. Clowns can burn too so why not show them up by taking out their compadres as well. Anytime you're asked to take out a zombie clown you shouldn't even need to think about it, just say yes.
  9. Wedding Crasher. It's fun to be the bad guy. Running a survivor through chairs rather than tossing them into the chairs goes against man's nature but when there's a reward on the table it's okay to sublimate instincts. Tough meets placement in this "Left 4 Dead 2" achievement and makes it worth your while.
  10. Sob Story. Avoiding witches should come natural by now unless you've into destroying all hostiles. The creepiness of the environment coupled with the rain makes this a fun achievement to gun for, pun intended. It's also a good life lesson to avoid all crying strangers in abandoned buildings.



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