Left 4 Dead 2 Weapons

Eventually using just the kitchen sink to kill zombies is going to wear on you and the sink so pick up one of the 10 best "Left 4 Dead 2" weapons and step up the carnage. It's not everyday it's you against the world no matter what sit-coms might tell you. Grit your teeth, dig your heels in and grab one or all of these weapons:

  1. Chainsaw. There can be no discussion on this weapon. Whether or not you're a fan of the "Evil Dead" movies, the chainsaw is still top of the class in monster killing. Sure some innocents have been claimed by the chainsaw but let's focus on the bad guys conquered by this "Left 4 Dead 2" weapon of weapons.
  2. Guitar. Video game killing needs the occasional point for style and the guitar delivers. Rather than making roadies cringe while you smash up expensive amps, turn your guitar onto the infected population and make beautiful gory music.
  3. Grenade Launcher. You give up finesse for sheer damage and it's worth it.  Now admittedly some of your teammates might die but then they should've moved faster or known better than to stand in front of you. A fun room clearing "Left 4 Dead 2" weapon just make sure you're not in that room as well.
  4. Sniper Rifle. When you need to clear out the baddies from far away, the sniper rifle is there for you. A fun weapon to clear out any lurking surprises before you enter the area. Cross hairs + baddie = a swift trip to the cemetery, hopefully this time permanently.
  5. Tactical Shotgun. A nice get out of a jam weapon. With high damage and quick speed this is the shotgun for close encounters. Not terrific for open areas, this weapon will still be near and dear to your "Left 4 Dead 2" weapon loving heart..
  6. Pipe Bomb. A "Left 4 Dead 2" weapon that is equal parts destructive and amusing. Watch the infected scurry to be the first to touch the beeping tube and then wince as they're sent skyward like short lived undead birdies. A go to weapon for when the times aren't just tough but unbearable.
  7. Frying Pan. The reload is long on this weapon unless you're using the non-stick version. It's hard to live on violence alone so why not try to add some slapstick humor to your "Left 4 Dead 2" weapon choice and bring the kitchen to the zombies. Nothing says you're a serious threat better than bringing a frying pan to a gunfight.
  8. Combat Shotgun. A great shotgun for taking out thick crowds. Can a crowd be a crowd if they're standing all over the place? Bring this to the party and say goodbye to the troublesome, unwashed masses.
  9. Nightstick.  Fun for the riot controller in all of us, the nightstick isn't always available so when you get it make the most of your time and whack the baddies with wild abandon. Its rarity puts it on the list above the gold club because with the nightstick you'll be less prone to annoying your teammates withnCaddyshack" references. Be your own authority figure and give out some serious concussions.
  10. Defibrillator. This one isn't technically a weapon at all. Give in to your imagination and think of the fun you could have shocking your teammates and the infected as you run around yelling "Clear!" A pipe dream for now but hopefully an outpouring of support for this as a "Left 4 Dead 2" weapon will change their minds.



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