Left 4 Dead Cheats

The “Left 4 Dead” cheats available were mostly lines of code used by developers during game testing. Some are useless, while others grant you the thing all cheaters desire above all: instant gratification. “Left 4 Dead” is a zombie game where four survivors fight off hordes of the infected dead—it can be quite challenging at times. If you are stuck, let the “Left 4 Dead” cheats clear a path for you. Here are some of the more useful ones. To access them, go to "Options." Under Keyboard/Mouse select "Allow Developers Console." While playing, hit the ~ (tilde) key and enter "Sv_Cheats 1" minus the quotes. Now enter any of the following cheats below minus the quotes.

  1. Health This is one of the useful “Left 4 Dead” cheats if you are trying to win while kinda sorta staying true to the game's challenging nature. To spawn a first aid kit enter "give first_aid_kit." Very useful when you are surrounded, bleeding to death yet within sight of your goal. When things get hairy, use the full health cheat to give death the finger. Just enter "give health."
  2. Boom The zombies are what make “Left 4 Dead” fun. They mindlessly swarm as the undead are apt to do and a great way to disperse them is with bombs. To chuck a moltov cocktail at them enter "give molotov" and to get the power of a pipe bomb simply enter "give pipe_bomb." Useful cheats indeed.
  3. Guns No survival horror game is complete without guns. While your targets are usually animated corpses, you always feel better wielding the boom stick. To get a pistol, enter "give pistol." This puny firearm barely satisfies. When you grow bored, get the shotgun by entering "give autoshotgun." The boom stick is fun but when you need military might, enter "give rifle" for the machine gun. Oh and guns need bullets so when you find yourself running low, enter "give ammo" for full ammunition.
  4. God The “Left 4 Dead” cheats are fun but for the super lazy gamer there is always the god option. While in real society you are a blight on the planet's resources and a useless consumer of air, in “Left 4 Dead” you can be a divine entity full of wrath and power. Just type "god."


  • These tips only work in single player mode.



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